ONE essential oil can make an impact on your skin. On this list of essential oils for skin (anti-aging) I go through each and every oil for mature skin so you can find the perfect one for you.

I’ve been formulating skincare for a while now (and have appropriate skincare and aromatherapy courses under my belt!) and I’ve added all the essential oils mentioned below into my moisturizers and serums. Many people in my home town know me and keep using my products again and again.

In as little as one month they’ve seen MASSIVE improvements:

  • Facial lines have diminished CONSIDERABLY
  • Dark spots that have DISAPPEARED
  • A much more TONED complexion
  • Illuminated skin
  • An overal healthy glow that others notice

They keep telling me these things and more, again and again and again. At this point I know that there’s ONE essential oil that is doing the trick for them (I don’t use the really expensive essential oils like rose, neroli or jasmine for obvious reasons although I’ll be making a range for my mum with rose absolute soon).

The essential oil that is doing the trick is FRANKINSENCE.

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