Diarrhea: Causes and symptoms and how to stop it !

Diarrhea: Causes and symptoms and how to stop it !

What is diarrhea? 

Diarrhea is portrayed by loose, watery stools or a repetitive need to have a bowel movement. It normally keeps going a couple of days and regularly vanishes with no treatment. Diarrhea can be acute or chronic. Intense diarrhea for one to two days. You may encounter diarrhea because of a viral or bacterial infection. On different occasions, it very well maybe because of food contamination. There’s even a condition known as traveler’s diarrhea, which happens when you have diarrhea in the wake of being presented to bacteria or parasites while on vacation in a developing nation. Intense diarrhea is genuinely normal. 

Constant diarrhea alludes to diarrhea that goes on for at any rate four weeks. It’s generally the consequence of an intestinal disease or turmoil, such as celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. 

What causes looseness of the bowels (Diarrhea)? 

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